In today’s ever-changing healthcare environment, where we are switching from fee for service to value based care, it is of utmost importance to understand the patient perspective. Providers need to understand not just the physical symptoms of their patient’s illness, but their psychological issues that drive cost and service utilization, in addition to their nutrition and pain management needs.

The challenge in capturing and managing these issues revolves around time, cost and clinic flow. By matching a HIPPA secure cyber SupportedPatient™ office to a brick and mortar office, we enable practices to offer medical care in addition to mental health, nutrition and pain management without disruption to the current practice.

We have even built a business model that allows for these ancillary services to become revenue generators for the practice.
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Marci Reiss, Founder & President of the IBD Support
Foundation, and William Sandborn, MD, Chief, Division of
Gastroenterology, University of California San Diego,
discusses the role of psychosocial care integration in
adapting to healthcare reform.