Based on nearly 20 years as a patient and provider, SupportedPatient™ was created by Dr. Marci Reiss to meet the needs of patients in a revolutionary way.

In the current bio-medical model of medicine, psychosocial needs of patients are insufficiently appreciated as drivers of cost and barriers to treatment and wellness. Providers are increasingly constrained by time and growing demands of an ever-changing healthcare environment. They have less and less time to learn about the broader context of their patient’s lives, and where their patients need support to adapt to their health conditions and thrive. Even when they are aware of patient challenges such as anxiety, depression, nutritional guidance or pain management, physicians are ill-equipped to manage those issues.

SupportedPatient™ offers a revolutionary way to get patients the services they need through a HIPAA secure telemedicine portal. Through their patient portal, patients can make appointments with their ancillary health care providers in a convenient, user-friends and affordable way.